Top 10 College In Dhaka City- Ranking Wise

Bangladesh is a small and populous country and Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. There are a huge number of schools, colleges, and universities. Around 60 plus colleges are established in this city. Notre Dame College is the first ranking college in Dhaka Board. We talk about the top 10 college lists in Dhaka city 2021 in this article.

Dhaka city is the most populated city in Bangladesh and is the 12th largest city in the world. The city is known for its educational, secular, and economic strengths. Dhaka University is the Biggest University in Bangladesh.

Top 10 College Lists In Dhaka City

  1. Notre Dame College
  2. Adamjee Cantonment College
  3. Viqarunnisa Noun Girls School and College
  4. Dhaka City College
  5. Rajuk Uttara Model College
  6. Holy Cross College
  7. Dhaka College
  8. Ideal School and College
  9. BirShrestha Nur Mohammad Public College
  10. Dhaka Commerce College

Rank:-1, Notre Dame College Details

Notre Dame College is one of the biggest and oldest colleges in Dhaka city. This college is a catholic and former St. Gregory’s College. This famous college established in 1949 in St. Gregory’s College was renamed Notre Dame college in 1954 and relocated to Moti jheel, Dhaka 1000, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Notre_Dame_College_ LOGO

Credit: Notre damn college

Key Information of Notre Dame College Dhaka

  • Former Name:- St. Gregory’s College
  • Rank:- 01
  • Nickname:- NDC
  • Established:- 1949
  • The slogan in English:- love the light of wisdom
  • Principal Name:- Fr. Hemonto Pius Rozario CSC
  • Vice Principal:- Leonard Sankar Rozario
  • Type:- Higher secondary school and university-affiliated college
  • Studies group:- Science, Humanities And Business Studies
  • Board:- Dhaka
  • Students:- 6400 +
  • Location Address:- Toynbee Circular Road, 1000, Dhaka, BangladeshWebsite:-

Rank-02, Adamjee Cantonment College information details

Gul Muhammad Adamjee was founded by Adamjee Cantonment College Established in 1960 as an English medium school. Adamjee Cantonment College is the 02 Ranking in Bangladeshi college of all boards.

adamjee cantonment college logo

 A huge number of students pass in Cgpa5, every year.  This college is managed by the Bangladesh Army. 114 Permanent college staff serve these college students regularly. 

There are three faculty and English and Bangla, both languages teaching this college is a coeducational college Both Girls and boys are admitted to this college every year

Key Information

  • Former Name:- Adamjee Cantonment school
  • Founder:- Gul Muhammad Adamjee
  • Rank:- 02
  • Established:- 1960
  • Slogan in English:- Education, Discipline and Morality
  • Principal Name:- Brigadier General Md Mahbub-ul Alam, ndc, afwc, psc, MPhil, PhD
  • Type of language:-  English and bangla
  • Studies group:- science, Humanities And Business Studies
  • Managed by:- Bangladesh Army
  • Gender:- Coeducational ( both boys and girls)
  • Board:- Dhaka Board
  • Students:- 6500 plus
  • Teaching Stuff:- Permanent 110 Stuffs Teaching
  • Campus;- Urban
  • Location Address:- Dhaka cantonment Dhaka
  • Website:-

Who is brigadier general MD mahbubul Alam

Redt Brigadier General MD Mahbub-ul Alam, NDC, AFWc, PSc, MPhil, PhD is the Principal of Adamjee Cantonment College, Dhaka. He is a highly decorated officer of the Bangladesh Army. He has served in a number of several positions in the government job, including Director of Military Training and Director of Education in the Bangladesh Army. He has also served as the Commandant of the Bangladesh Military Academy. He is a recipient of the Bir Uttom award, the second-highest military award in Bangladesh.

Rank-3, Viqarunnisa Noon Girls School and College

Viqarunnisa noon school and college are famous for their regular students. Most of the year their students earn 100% passes and a huge amount of students earn a golden gpa 5. Their teaching style is unique and high like western teaching.

Viqarunnisa Noon School and College were named in honor of Feroz Khan Noor, the wife of the Prime Minister of East Pakistan. This school and college were established in 1947. Only girls are admitted to this school and college.

Although the school was established in 1947, the school started its college section with higher secondary courses in 1978. There are 25,000 students on 04 campuses in this Dhaka city.

Key Information

  • Rank:- 03
  • Founder Name:- Feroz Khan Noor ( east Pakistan governor) 
  • Established:- 1952
  • The slogan in English:- Light through learning
  • Principal Name:- Kamrun Nahar
  • Type:- Private 
  • Studies group:- All Groups
  • Board:- Dhaka Board
  • Students:- 25,000
  • Campus:- Urban
  • Location Address:- New Bailey Road, Dhaka, 1000, Bangladesh
  • Website:-

Rank 04- Dhaka City College information details

In 1957 Dhaka city college was established in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, a former Dhaka night school. This is a private and oldest institution in this country. Higher secondary, Honours, and Masters’s degree education are also offered at this institute. on average 5000 plus students studying in this college. 

This college is also one of the 10  oldest and most traditional colleges in Dhaka city. Lots of famous people have enriched your life by studying at this college. At present, the reputation of this college has spread all over the world including the whole country.

Key Information

  • Rank:- 04
  • Former Name:- Dhaka Night School
  • ]Established:- 1957 
  • Slogan in English:- Build The Nation
  • Principal Name:- Beard Uddin Ahmed
  • Type:- Private
  • Language:- Both English and Bengali 
  • Studies group:- All groups
  • Board:- Dhaka Board
  • Students:- APPROXIMATELY 5000 PLUS students
  • Campus:- Urban
  • Location Address:- Dhanmondi, Dhaka, 1205, Bangladesh
  • Website:-

Rajuk Uttara Model College details information

The Bangladesh government established this institute in1994. Now there are on average 6000 plus students studying and 300 plus staff are working permanently. This college.

 Most of the year this college passes 100% and the results are so good. A good amount of students earn GPA 5 every year. Coeducation and Bangla and English both language systems follow this institution.

The college is established on 4.5 acres of land in RAJUK, Uttara. cricket, football, basketball, badminton including all sports Playing all students. The college also has a reputation in sports.

Key Information 

  • Rank:- 05
  • Founder Name:- Bangladesh Government
  • ]Established:- 1994
  • Slogan in English:- Education for Humanization
  • Principal Name:- Brigadier General Taef Ul Haq
  • Type:- Private 
  • Studies group:- 
  • Board:- Dhaka Board
  • Students:-
  • Campus:- Urban
  • Location Address:- Rajuk, Utaara, Dhaka, 1206
  • Website-

Holy Cross College details

Augustine Marie CSC established Holy Cross College in 1950. It is located at tejgaon, Dhaka. Holy Cross College is a catholic higher secondary girls school. This college was made by girls only and they served both Bangla and English curriculum also.

 There are 2500 plus students and three groups, such as science, humanities, and business studies. But this college runs its journey with only five students.

Modern facilities are also available at this institute. Computer labs, Science labs, and sports galleries are available here.

Key Information 

  • Rank:- 06
  • Nick Name:- HCC
  • Founder Name:- Augustine Marie CSC
  • ]Established:- 1950
  • Slogan in English:- spes unica 
  • Principal Name:- Shikha Laetitia Gomes
  • Type:- Private 
  • Studies group:- Science, Humanities and Business Studies
  • Board:- Dhaka Board
  • Students:- 2500
  • Campus:- Urban
  • Location Address:- Tejgaon,Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Website:-

Dhaka College all Details Information

One of the oldest very very important educational institutions in Bangladesh is located in Dhaka. Many prominent people have studied mass in this college. The students of this college have contributed to every major crisis moment in the country.

James Taylor Wise is a civil engineer who was established in this DC college in1841 years ( 179 years ago). Firstly, they started their journey in English seminary school.  Now it is called Dhaka collegiate school. 

All groups are available as well as, science, humanities, business studies. Around 25000 plus students and on average 500 plus staff working in this institute.

Key Information 

  • Rank:- 07
  • Nick Name:- DC
  • Established:- 1841 YEARS
  • The slogan in English:- Know Thyself 
  • Principal Name:- LK Selim Uddin Khondokar
  • Type:- Private 
  • Studies group:- 
  • Board:- Dhaka Board
  • Students:- 25,000
  • Campus:- Urban
  • Location Address:- Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Website:-

Ideal School and College Detailed Information

On 15 March 1965 Mohammad Faizur Rahman and some of the education aspirants established Into Dhaka city. 1968 started the journey by the junior school and 1972 was shifted fully to High school. This college is also known as Motijheel Ideal School or Ideal School. 

In 1973 Some of the students attended the SSC examination and earned mind-blowing results for the starting year. On-demand after some years the government approved the college section. 

Around 1.5 acres fully designed and nice-looking for this college ground. Approximately 200 staff and 250 plus teaching staff with 03 branches in this college.

Key Information 

  • Rank:- 08
  • Established:- 1965
  • The slogan in English:- oh god, please increase my knowledge 
  • Principal Name:- DR sahanara begum
  • Type:- Private 
  • Studies group:- All groups are available
  • Board:- Dhaka Board
  • Students:- on average 18,000 students
  • Campus:- Urban
  • Location Address:- Motijheel, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Website:-

Bir Shrestha Nur Mohammad Public College details information

In 1977 Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College was established at Pilkhana, Lalbagh, Dhaka. This institute has 03 study groups, as well as science, humanities, and business studies.

Every Year these college students earned extraordinary results on average 99% passes and a huge amount of students earned cgpa 5.00.  

This college is made in a Bangla and English version. This institute is a co-educational institute.

Key Information 

  • Rank:- 09
  • Founder Name:- 
  • EIIN:- 108161
  • Established:- 1977
  • Principal Name:- Lt Col Md. Mizanur Rahaman
  • Type:- Private 
  • Studies group:- 291
  • Board:- Dhaka Board
  • Employee:-
  • Campus:- Urban
  • Location Address:- Pilkhana Dhaka, BGB headquarters 05 no gate.
  • Website:-

Dhaka Commerce College details information

Dhaka Commerce College is another famous and oldest college in Dhaka city. This is the first college in Dhaka city, especially the business studies section. 

In 1989 professor Kazi Nazrul Islam Faruki was established in this college located at Mirpur Dhaka.

Key Information 

  • Rank:- 10
  • Founder Name:- Professor Kazi Nazrul Islam Faruki 
  • Established:- 1989
  • Slogan in English:- Self Financed, Free from Politics & Smoking
  • Principal Name:- Professor Dr. Md. Abu Masud
  • Type:- Private 
  • Studies group:- All groups available
  • Board:- Dhaka Board
  • Students:- around 7000
  • Campus:- Urban campus
  • Location Address:- Mirpur 2, Dhaka
  • Website:-

Top 10 colleges in Dhaka for girls

When it comes to finding the best college for girls in Dhaka, there are many different factors to consider. With such a large and diverse city, it can be hard to determine which school is right for you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 colleges in Dhaka for girls. These schools offer excellent education and career opportunities, as well as a supportive and empowering community for young women.

  • Dhaka Cantonment Girls Public School and College
  • Dhaka Imperial College
  • Siddehswari girls college
  • Eden girls college
  • Kallyanpur girl’s school and college
  • Viqarunnisa Noon School and College
  • Begum barrenness govt women’s college
  • kalyanpur girls school and college
  • Holy cross school and college
  • Mirpur girls Ideal laboratory institute

Top 10 English version colleges in Dhaka Bangladesh

1. Dhaka International School & College

2. American International School Dhaka

3. Bangladesh International School & College

4. British International School Dhaka

5. Canadian International School Dhaka

6. International School Dhaka

7. Usmani School Dhaka

8. Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School

9. Notre Dame College

10. Adamjee Cantonment Public School & College

Top 16 government colleges in Dhaka

1. Dhaka college
2. Dhaka city college
3. Notre dame college
4. Eden girls’ college
5. Mirpur girls’ college
6. Dhaka college of science and technology
7. Dhaka Commerce College
8. Dhaka Residential Model College
9. Viqarunnisa Noon School and College
10. Ideal School and College
11. Dhaka College, Dhaka.
12. Govt. Titumir College, Dhaka.
13. Jagannath University College, Dhaka.
14. College of Home Economics, Dhaka.
15. B.Badrunnessa Govt. Girls College, Dhaka.
16. Eden Women’s University College, Dhaka.

FAQ ON Top college in Dhaka city

1.# Which is the number 1 college in Dhaka?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people may have different opinions. Some of the top colleges in Dhaka include Dhaka College, Notre Dame College, and Dhaka City College.

Which girl’s college is served by Army

Dhaka Cantonment Girls Public School and College is a secondary girls’ school and college in Dhaka city. This girl’s college was established in 2005. This college is managed by Bangladesh Army.

Which college is best in Dhaka city?

Every college in Dhaka City is providing good and quality education. It is difficult to call any college particularly good. Here we provide Some popular colleges in Dhaka city including Dhaka College, Notre Dame College, and Eden College.

Dhaka City College is government or private college?

Dhaka City College is not a government college, it is a private college.


Dhaka is the capital and divisional city of Bangladesh. The city of Dhaka is home to many educational institutions, both public and private.

There are TOP 10 colleges mentioned above but there are also many good colleges and schools are established in this city also.

Thanks for reading this full article.

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